Confessions of a blogaholic

For this week's writers workshop at Mama Kat's, I chose to write about confessions. I'm supposed to write about mine. Now that is a hard thing to do. Not that I have nothing to be ashamed of -I've been acting so crazy and stupid lately I could write a BOOK, but I really don't know where to start, since I've never actually confessed in a church.

I love churches. Always have, always will. Not as much as I love cemeteries, and that was quite disturbing for my parents when we had to stop on the road to visit new ones I'd never seen, I guess I'd worry too if y 4 year-old daughter did that, but see how well balanced I am, now, as a grown-up, hum... Well, back to churches. Don't you need like a priest to confess? That's how they do it in movies. I was raised an atheist, so I wouldn't know. Now that I can think by myself, I like to say I'm an agnostic, because I still haven't made my mind up about the existence of a higher being.

Confession. Interesting word. Did you know it came from fateor, in Latin? To admit that you've committed a sin, that's what confession is all about. I don't believe in sins. I don't believe in the whole "Let's meet up when you're dead and do the math between what you did right and wrong". I respect religions, all of them, but seriously, I couldn't care less about my afterlife, I have enough on my hands with the present one. I'm only trying to do my best, and I live. As in, I love, hate, laugh, cry, eat chocolate, envy others sometimes, but I don't need to confess those things, because doing them just means I'm human, and that's not something to be ashamed of.

So I guess you'll have to go on someone else's blog to read proper confessions. But it was nice talking to you. As usual.

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Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Interesting view you have but very, very different from mine. I look on my life here as short, like a dress rehearsal for eternity. What we do with Jesus now determines where we will spend eternity and also gives life here meaning and purpose. I hope God reveals himself to you soon.

Stopping by from Writer's Workshop. Here's the link to mine: http://zemeks.blogspot.com/2010/11/interesting-classmate-writers-workshop.html

JustMom420zaks said...

I like it. Interesting as heck.
I don't care what you believe or don't believe. I believe that as long as you live your life as a good person (generally) you have nothing to worry about, no matter what comes after the end.
Super good post.

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