Over the hills and far away...

In correspondence with a colleague (allright, chatting with a friend on facebook), I found myself having to type the word teletubbies. I think I may have spelt it wrong, possibly with two lls. So my every helpful firefox add-on spell checker offered a few suggestions. The second one was 'intellectuals'. When spelt correctly, firefox still doesn't like it, so it suggests: 'telepathies'.
Now am I missing something here? Is there an important secret message conveyed by the post-apocalyptic brain-damaged tv-encrusted monsters? I never got around to read The Secret (always suspected the secret was how to make lots of money selling a pointless book): did it mention the teletubbies?

One other possibility which has occurred to me recently is that the teletubbies may have existed before the 20th Century. I came across some evidence while conducting research for my next book on Mary Wollstonecraft. In a letter to her friend George (Curious George?) she complains that he has gone 'over the hills and far away'. Clearly a reference to the tubs. Now of course, Wollstonecraft could have time travelled to the late 90s, and obtained the relevant knowledge here. But that is clearly not the case. Had she been here we'd have seen a bit more happening in terms of women's rights.

One thing we can deduce from the presence of the teletubbies in the eighteenth century is that they're not tied to the technology (though of course, they do have to have tellies in their bellies). What I mean is that they're probably not fictional. They might even be aliens. But if they are, they've been visitors on earth for a long time. Who among us can really tell what is on Lala or Dipsy's head? It's a sign of some kind, right? Doesn't it look almost like hieroglyphs? Maybe the ancient Egyptians tried to copy them when they came up with things like the ankh sign. Maybe they too weren't watching carefully.

With evidence of teletubbies culture in the mystical circles of ancient egypt, and amongst philosophers of the enlightenment, one cannot help but wonder. Are the teletubbies an ancient alien sect of intellectual telepaths?

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ok you need a map...holidays seems even better
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