Here's one from the beach!

For this week's writing workshop, I chose this prompt : 'What qualities or traits do you think your children have inherited from you, you partner, or even from your extended family?'.
I really wanted to do the thing on magical powers, but I don't want anyone to be jealous, cause, you know, I have so many. Oh, I can hear you oohing and ahhing and also thinking 'right, she's totally nuts' (especially my evil sisters). And since I want to prove you wrong, I'll tell you a few. The first one that comes to my mind is that I attract lunatics. Not you average weirdo (I live in Paris, it's a big city, we all are weirdos, anyway) but the real crazy ones. Trust me, if there is ONE looney around and you're with me, fear not, he or she will come straight to me. For instance, I was in a bus in the 7th arrondissement, probably listening to music or typing on my dear Blackberry when a lady came really close to my ear, as in, I could feel her breath on my neck and said 'I like your scarf'. I thanked her, trying to get away without sitting on my neighbour's lap, and she came even closer and said 'Will you give it to me?'. I have to say she had a very personal breath and her eyes were wide open, she was smiling but not with your friendly kinda smile, rather the Nicholson's The Shining one. I considered giving it to her but chose to tell her 'no, I can't do that, I quite like it', instead. She smiled back, and then she left me alone. She had her normal face back on, people turned their heads back to whatever they were doing and it really seemed as if nothing had happened.
Another one? Alright: I have eternal youth. Seriously. I can't really explain that one or give you proof, although I am 26 years old and will stay at that age forever.
Again? I can teleport. Right now, as I'm writing, I am in fact 9,000 km away from where I sit. I know, I'm awesome. I don't even know why you bother going to my sisters' posts, I mean, seriously.
Oh. Looks like I did it again. I was supposed to write on my daughter's resemblance to me. Why didn't you stop me earlier? Ah, well, no way I'm doing this again, you'll just have to deal with me being unpredictable. That said, my daughter is truly my mini-me, so I'm pretty sure she inherited all my powers. And I'm also certain she has more.


@jencull (jen) said...

I am NOT a weirdo, I promise I would never ask you for your scarf. However, I do love your posts, thanks for the chuckle :) Jen.

Annie said...

Hilarious! Oh, and I share your Power to Attract Lunatics... they seem to love me. I appreciate you choosing to see this as a gift, instead of a curse. :)

And I am thrilled to hear that your daughter has inherited all of your powers... and more. Lovely post!


sister3 said...

Dear Jen and Annie,I'll answer for marianne as in the day she can't because of the sun "cream" (sorry don't know the word) sticking on her fingers, and at night she is probably too drunk to know who she is !
But as I'm an evil sister, I could tell things like her best power is to make us crazy, so I'd better just say thank you...

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