How to make apricot jam

Yesterday we found an apricot tree on campus, one whose fruit was ripe and hadn't been picked dry.

We shook out the fruit

picked it off the branches

Gathered it in a big bag

At home we stoned the fruit

Then cooked it up with some pekmez* that had gone solid.

We stored it in jars

And had some for breakfast.

*Pekmez is grapes molasses people make in Turkey. We bought a 3l bottle from a friend in Capadoccia last autumn, and had about a third left that had turned into some kind of brown syrupy sugar.

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'Im In Ireland said...

'Im in Ireland

Looking for Blue Sky said...

OOh send a jar my way, it looks delicious :)

Jean said...

I was dying to know how your jam making went!
It looks wonderful...I can almost smell it XXX

Sandrine said...

So it may not be as sweet as it should be... Maybe next time a bit of sugar will go in too. But we like it!

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