About us

This is us - a few years ago. Sandrine at the top, Marianne at the bottom, and Sister 3 on the right.
We're French, but one of us lives in Turkey, so we don't see each other that much. A blog is a good way of keeping in touch, of reminding each other that we have a lot things in common, and also plenty of differences.

Marianne and Sandrine write in English because it's such a long time since Sandrine has written anything in French that she fears she probably couldn't. And Sister 3 whose English is a bit rusty doesn't write at all. She talks in pictures, something she's incredibly good at.

We blog about all sorts, serious or funny. We like to join in to things, like Sticky Fingers' Gallery, Sleep is for the Weak's Writing Workshop, and the Weekend Assignment.

We also have our own regulars: the Weekend Charter, where Marianne and Sandrine write about the same theme, a theme that once a month is suggested by readers. Sister 3 gives us Last Week in Pictures, every Friday where she posts photos inspired by the week's posts.

I hope you'll come and visit often, and tell us what you think in the comments section.
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