We are going on a summer holiday!

This is the first and last time you'll see me naked on this blog.
Actually, not quite naked: what on earth am I wearing?

So we're off, Sunday morning, to meet Marianne and co somewhere near Izmir, for a week of sun (we hope), children playing in the sea, and parents chasing after them, digging them holes in the sand, rescuing them from drowing, screaming at them to put their hats back on, holding them down while slapping on the sun cream, buying them far too many ice creams, wishing they'd shut up for a minute so you could talk, wishing they'd go to sleep already so you could stay up and have a drink... family beach delights. But we've been there our whole life. Mostly as children, but there you go.What goes round...

We've got a few posts scheduled for when we're away. And Sister3 is staying (she's grounded) so you can count on her to come up with something brilliant for the Sticky Finger gallery on wednesday. Except she's having kittens because of the whole competition thing that Tara is doing, and because Marianne and I won't be here to translate. So please show her some comment love and support on Wednesday!

Now if you get bored while we're gone, I can recommend a few things for you to go and see.
First there's my friend Kim's new blog. She used to blog at You Can't Diaper Their Faces, so you might know her already. Now she's offering some serious competition to William Shatner's upcoming Shit my Dad says with a series of posts on her 4 year old's hilarious pronouncements. Check it out, it's called: The Imcombulations of and Incredible Imogenation.

Once you've dried off the tears of laughter you can move from this blog to a beautiful post by Varda at the Squashed Bologna. It's called From Autist to Artist and it's so amazing that Jenny the Bloggess featured it on her blog.

You know how reward systems work really well with kids? Sticker charts? Well I say we need them to. Whether you're a stay at home parents or hiding you arse in some office like me, you're doing a great job and someone needs to remind you that you are. And let's face it, that's person's probably going to have to be you!
So if you want a grown up, sensible award system, I suggest you head over to In Pursuit of Martha's Points.
This woman has a genius system. She once awarded me five points for not killing any students! Where else do you get that kind of recognition? (certainly not in my annual faculty survey).

But whatever you do, make sure you come back next sunday night, cause we'll be back, and we'll have photos!

I'll ask you to spare a thought for us on Monday night. This is when in theory Marianne and I should be watching the first episode of series 3 of True Blood. But will we have wifi? Will we be able to stream it?

Oh, one last thing. If you liked this post, would you mind terribly clicking on the RSS feed, here, or the Google connect buttons (top left), or by email at the bottom of this page? And if you didn't like it, you might still want to look around. There's three of us, you know, so you're (almost) bound to find something you like. And then, if you've still got time, you could share this post or stumble it, or both and get in touch with your local tv station to sing our praises. We'll love you forever.


@jencull (jen) said...

Have a brilliant time:)

Varda said...

3 things: Number one - Have a wonderful trip!!!! Number two - Thank you so much for the lovely words and the link to my blog post "From Autist to Artist". If you could see me now, I'd be blushing, really. Number three - I'm American dear, not British, so my twitter handle is @Squashedmom not MUM as I saw in on your titter feed in the left column. (That's why you haven't heard back from me on twitter).

Again - enjoy, enjoy and I'm looking forward to forthcoming pictures and stories....

Sandrine said...

Thanks Jen! Will post pics when we get back.
Varda: sorry! I doubled, no tripled checked, cause I tend to get twitter addresses mixed up... I loved your post, and I want more people to read and write that kind of positive, soul searching and informed stuff on autism. Do it again please!

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Have a great time. Go out and make some memories!

Josie @Sleep is for the Weak said...

Have a great time you! Bring back something pretty!

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