A still life and a nature morte.

This is Sister 3's entry for Tara's Gallery at Sticky Fingers. This week's theme is Still Lives.

This week I was over at Marianne's - the real third sister - when I found out what the theme was.

I was dismayed.

You see I always try to treat  Tara's themes with humour or irony. It's my editorial policy, says Marianne.

But this week's theme presented a fairly big problem: in French, a still life is a Nature Morte which sounds just like the opposite of still life ... and yet, means exactly the same.

So once again, as with the seven deadly sins, I found my idea through the esprit de famille:

Really not funny, but plenty of irony there...

Pfff, what an editorial policy!

And I had some beautiful strawberries that would have been perfect!
Ah, I'll put them on anyway, pour le plaisir...

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Posted by Sandrine for Sister 3 (I have just sent her a long email explaining how to upload photos so this should be the last time I sign off like this!) 


@jencull (jen) said...

Actually, that was really effective and just a bit scary (a good healthy kind of scary!). Must go organise my gallery shot now,thanks for the reminder:) Jen.

jfb57 said...

Really powerful entry!
As for following, any chance of an email link rather than a feed? I forget to look at those! :(

JulieB said...

Interesting one - definitely a talking point, and quite scary! Fantastic entry.

New Mummy said...

Great photos

sister3 said...

Dear all of you, thanks for commenting, I love that you like my photos; dear jen and julie, scary's perfect...as lobg as it takes you away from cigarettes; I just have to explain to my brain now that when I feel tired or nervous, sweets are not that much better then my old cigarettes I threw 6 years and a half ago !
Jfb57 (does that mean 56 other people dare to have the same web identity ? pffff) I have no idea ok what to answer you, so I asked sandrine to do it ! She is the expert one !I understand much more english than all this stuff, so you see how bad I'm at it !
New mummy, you always find the words to make me feel fantastic !

Anonymous said...

Definitely prefer the strawberry photo!!!

CJ xx

sister3 said...

dear crystal, I just can't see why....
Something about the color maybe ?

Anonymous said...

Gosh I don't miss that habit! Cool pictures though! Ooo and I learned a little french along the way! *wink*

Anonymous said...

Ahhh l'ironie française ... maintenant je sais ce qu'il me manque. Ton 'post' (haha là il y'en a aussi pour la discussion) est vraiment super, et je reviendrai te/vous rendre visite souvent à partir de now.
Ravis de vous faire connaissance.

sister3 said...

@ kirsty : merci beaucoup !
come next week, and I'll teach you a few others, just ask !
For the "habit" what I don't miss is the smell !
@metajugglamum : je suis aussi ravie de faire ta connaissance, et les 2 affreuses soeurs le seront dès qu'elles liront ton commentaire !
the bright one (Sandrine) might even tell you how to follow us if you wish so !
Mais il faut que je te parle français ou anglais ? ou les 2 ? raconte !!!

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