Social stories for Cappadocia

I've spent the last two hours drawing social story boards for Max for our upcoming trip to Cappadocia, so I thought I'd share them with you. These took a while to draws as I did them on cardboard with an ink pen, and spent some time thinking through our schedule before hand. Everyday ones are usually quicker.
When I wasn't completely sure as to what we were going to do, I left the pictures in pencil, so I can change them later on.
Also, I didn't colour them, as I'm really bad at colour. But they would probably look more attractive if I did.

The first one is about how to behave at the hotel. I'm especially hoping that Max won't be too loud first thing in the morning. We usually stay in the same place at Goreme, so the story is reusable.

For those of you who are not familiar with Cappadocia, the funny pointy things are fairy chimneys, and in the early mornings you can see a lot of hot air balloons floating around. The big round thing Max is floating in on the second frame is a jacuzzi. One reason we love this hotel is that even though it's cheap and simple and the rooms are carved in the stone, the bathrooms are huge and the children can have baths! The hotel's name is the Flintstones, and I highly recommend it.

The next two cards are daily schedules for the saturday, sunday and monday. We come by coach. It's a five hour journey with a break in the middle. The second day we hire a driver by the name of Zekerya bey who takes us around. The third day we usually just go for a walk and then hop back in the bus to go home. We pretty much do the same thing everytime which really helps with Max! Again, I'm hoping I can re-use the cards by just changing the dates on them. (I had to write them as Max is into dates big way).

This will be the first time I use anything as complete for a trip. I'm hoping it will help smooth out some awkward moments. I'll let you know!


Roberta Wedge said...

That's...wow. A lot of work. But hey, let's hope they are re-usable.

On the other hand, wow! Great weekend ahead! And it sounds like it's a regular treat, so that's wonderful.

sister3 said...

ok, tu es formidable, et une grande artiste
Je t'aime fort

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