My son, the artist.

Last summer, I decided to join the Sketchbook project. It's a travelling exhibition organised by the Brooklyn Art Library. You send for a sketchbook, fill it in, send it back. They put it in a van and it travels. You get notified whenever somebody looks at it. Sarah in San Francisco picked up ours, last week.

I thought it would be a cool thing for Max to do, a way of marking the fact that at this time in his life, he draws all the time. Every week I throw out large quantities of paper (trees, I know) covered in little pictures of us, the teletubbies, boats, buses, planes, story boards for what he's done, what he's dreamt of, what he's going to do. The pictures are getting more and more sophisticated - he's getting good at colour.

In October we received a purple Moleskine notebook with a theme: A day in the life. I kept it on my desk, by my bed. When Max came to us at way too early o'clock, I whipped it out and told him to draw, knock himself out. By December he'd filled every page. We sent it back. It arrived in Brooklyn, and joined thousands of others in a van which went travelling. Five people have viewed it so far.

I paid a little extra to have it digitalised. Here it is. You can click on the thumb nail to see inside.

I think I might order another one this year. If you're interested, you can order one here.


Anonymous said...

He's also a philosopher. It took me until the 3rd drawing of "This is not a balloon" to understand its significance.

Sandrine said...

Ha. Then you'll need to explain. I still don't get it.

Mineke Reinders said...

Congrats to Max - and to you for thinking of it in the first place and organizing his sketchbook. His drawings are really sensitive and beautiful. I hope a lot of people will see them. Will you get the sketchbook back eventually?

Sandrine said...

Thanks Mineke! I think once it's finished touring, the notebook will go back to the library in Brooklyn. So if he wants to see it, Max will have to go to NYC. Because my name is on the book, I'll probably have to go with him. Damn.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to tell us when the notebook goes back to the library in Brooklyn. I for one will tell my NYC friends and relations to go see it.

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