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I thought I would review the new Doctor Who this week, since I actually saw it. But I'm not a huge fan, in the way that my husband and daughter are, so I'll just say this: he's young, his eyes look funny, but he's a good doctor.

I'm happy to report that Lost picked up a bit with the reappearance of my favourite character Desmond D. Hume. The middle D stands for David. Those of you who know some philosophy will no doubt know that David Hume is the man who was skeptical about causation: So everytime you do x, y happens, he'd say: big deal. That's certainly no reason to be sure that next time you do x, y will follow. It might, in fact it probably will, but you can't be sure. Given that that's what the real Hume believed, it's little weird that Desmond gets so het up about fate, and how you can't change it! If it's meant to happen it's meant to happen, he keeps telling us, brother. Oh well. Nobody said that just because they used a lot of philosophers names (also John Locke, aka Jeremy Bentham, and Rousseau!) they have to stick to what the original name holders believed!

Now I know it's different but I'd really like to do a product review; I'd like to review the iPad. Except, of course I don't have one. Nor I am likely to get one in the near or distant future (are they even coming to Turkey?) So I think I'll engage in a bit of well structured sour grapes.

Reason why the iPod touch is better than the iPhone:

with the iPod you don't run the risk of someone calling you while you're listening to your favourite track!

Reason why the iPod touch is better than the iPad:

that's easy – can you carry an iPad in your pocket?

Plus, far as I know, there isn't a proper word processor on the iPad – and what's the point of a computer you can't write on?

Ok, I feel better now.

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