Our Very first meme - part 3

Marianne : 7 things you don’t know about me – yet

1) I’m a great person. Oh, dear, there you go, you knew that already, so I’ll go to number two.

2) I’m allergic to strawberries, kiwi and latex. I’ll let you guess which one annoys me most.

3) I am quite concerned by the outgrowing number of moles on my body. Do they keep coming to make me even more beautiful or just plain ugly ? Am wondering.

4) I can sing. As in, I can really sing and make a whole theatre full of people go quiet. I know, cause I saw it happening. And no, these people weren’t dead nor asleep.

5) I stole an ugly plate with Princess Diana and Prince Charles on it in London. I was 11 years old. Man, I’m wild.

6) If you tickle me doing the right movement at a very special place on my arms, my lovely laugh will turn into some awful sound that would make pigs not want me in their family for fear of being, well, laughed at.

7) I’ve always wanted to be a spy. Like, for real. Some sort of female Bond, with the guns, the half-naked boys falling for me and infinitely complicated cases to solve and countries to save. Who knows, maybe I am a spy, but we did say 7 things…

I’m sorry I don’t have much time to look at blogs, mainly because this one keeps me pretty busy ;) But I promise I’ll do better next time. Here’s one I like : go ahead and cook, people ! http://simplyrecipes.com/

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JulieB said...

Wow, you are lucky to be able to sing, that is such a lovely talent to have.

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