Really, there's three of us

Doubts have been cast as to whether our mysterious third sister really existed. So here we are, all three of us, just like the Marx Brothers but without the straight one! And not men. And not American. And not that funny. Oh, well, forget it.


sister3 said...

ah ah ah, you are funny !
The marx sisters !!!!
Of course I exist
And let me tell you a secret (the first) :
I drive !

Marianne said...

OK, let the truth be told by, well, me, the "cool sister". The day that picture was taken, Sandrine wouldn't smile, so the photographer was trying to make her smile, he told jokes, made funny faces but nothing would work. Céline, who still hates being shot (with a camera, I mean, not that she would enjoy being shot at, OK, never mind) smiled the same smile, patiently waiting. I, on the other hand, couldn't stop laughing at the photographer's jokes and faces. So that he was simultaneously trying to cheer Sandrine up, making Céline's face move so that she wouldn't get cramps and get me to stop laughing, or at least, shaking. All this with our mother watching and probably secretly wishing to be somewhere else. Every picture has a story behind it, dudes.

Jean said...

I have 3 sisters (and 3 brothers) so I understand the dynamic.
And you're hilarious!!

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