Week End Charter : Easter in Paris and in Ankara

Easter in Paris

I’m not happy about this whole « Oh, let’s do the week-end charter on Easter » thing. I meant to do some research and produce a real magazine article, and maybe even win a Pulitzer Blog Award which would have been created just for me, but my evil sisters wouldn’t let me.

Yes, it is unfair, but I’m used to it. I know I wasn’t always good to them, and I’ll make sure to write about it pretty soon, but they’re just pure evil : they never wanted to play with me except when I agreed to have my hair styled, which I started saying no to only after discovering a giant Barbie’s head tinted pink and with a cut like Edward Scissors Hands'. Or they would send me to talk our parents into letting them eat candy or go out with boys.

Nowadays, they don’t need me that much anymore and I don’t really want to play with them. Sandrine considers reading much more fun than playing and Céline will not go out dancing with me. They’re just your typical boring old(er) sisters. So, obviously, when I mentioned my Easter project, they said no.

So, because of them, you will not discover what it’s like to celebrate Easter in Paris. You see, I had this great idea of taking you to the Ritz’s traditional Easter brunch. They actually create a garden in the hotel and the children get to look for eggs under someone else’s supervision while happy parents sip champagne and eat egg-shaped food. It would have been great, and I think it was pretty cool of me to cancel my awesome Easter plans to share this with you. If you happen to go to Paris for Easter, the Ritz is THE place to be, trust me. It’ll cost you 200 euros for a family of four, but who’s counting? Apparently, my sisters are. They wouldn’t co-finance the experiment. Seriously, how lame is that ?

Happy Easter from the Cool Sister ;)

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