Mary Wollstonecraft: The Musical

Mary Wollstonecraft: the Musical.

I have this idea. I want to do a musical. It will tell the life of 18th century feminist philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft. The set scenes will be from her childhood, protecting her mum from her drunk dad, being all lonely and thinking nobody loves her, wanting books. I hear some high pitched singing of a very melancholy song. Short. Then from her early adulthood, as a governess, a school teacher. A couple of songs: hectoring, enthusiastic, multi-tasking. Then work : a sung summary of the Vindication of the Rights of Woman would work well there, I think. It would start with a dialogue between her and Rousseau, with a puppy eyes beginning and Rousseau being cast out in the end, then Wollstonecraft pitched against a chorus led by Burke, and a grand finish with Wollstonecraft and chorus of women singing a song of hope for the future.
There'll be love stories, of course: her proposing a ménage à trois to her colleague Fuselli, and then the fickle American in Paris. And travelling: scenes from Portugal, Paris in the Revolution (with heads falling and all), melancholy journey through Sweden with a baby and a French maid. Next the suicide songs, when her lover leaves her and she fails to take her life twice. The marriage song, with Godwin, and last the death after childbirth song. Long and drawn out, with much blood and a weeping husband. I think that should make for a varied and fun program, don't you ? Who should I send the proposal too?

And I also want to do a cartoon version of Plato's Protagoras.


Hannah said...

I like this.

Sandrine said...

Thank you Hannah! And has Marianne been at you too?

Stephen said...

Pitch it to Andrew Lloyd Webber. He could do a TV show to find the lead.

Sandrine said...

Please, let it not be Susan Boyle!

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