I seem to be back

For now, anyway. It looks like the connection to blogspot is restored in my area of town.

In the meantime I've been busy elsewhere.

I guest-posted on Roberta Wedge's lovely blog: A Vindication of the Rights of Mary. I wrote about my experiences writing a book on Mary Wollstonecraft. Not the one about zombies, but proper, serious philosophy.

I've also had fun with my new blog, The Forbidden Sister:

I came up with more good reasons why I don't like football.

I offered students invaluable advice about academic writing.

I gave a clear and fair appreciation of philosopher Imannuel Kant.

I wrote a book review/ ghost story.

And I don't think the cartoons distract from the seriousness of the subject matters, but I'll let you be the judges of that.

So, yes, I probably should have spent less time doing this and more time actually working or doing important educational things with my autistic son. And I will go back to more moderate posting habits. But it's all new and shiny!

So please go and give it some comment love and it will love you back.

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