Testing the ban

As some of you may know, Turkish courts have blocked blogspot due a complaint by satellite tv provider Digiturk. Turns out some blogspot user posted links to football matches Digiturk was charging for.
Always hated football. Now I hate Digiturk too.

Anyhow, I'm trying to see if I can post by email.

Even if I can I'm entirely sure whether I can comment, or reply to comments.
So if I don't, please don't be offended.
If you have any bright ideas as to how I might circumvent the ban, let me know!


'Im Indoors said...

apparently you can.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to comment.
I LOVE your post about knitting matches.
I LOL'ed.
(I don't know how to comment on the other site.)

Sandrine said...

Oh, look, I can post comments from home. Wonder whether that will last... In the meantime, I've enabled comments on the other blog, so fee free to pop over there!

Anonymous said...

I can comment from the office (using Ubuntu) and from home (with Windows XP).

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