As you know, my English isn't always word-perfect.

It's fortunate that my big sister helps (the 'little one' Marianne is busy chasing up some nonsense or other for Thursday's writing workshop). It's fortunate because I could have gotten mixed up in my spelling for my first interpretation of the theme:

My friend - the sheep 


A friend is someone we accept as they are, with their good and bad traits, their strengths and weaknesses, what they can bring us, and what we can bring them.

There's a movement in France called 'Touches pas a mon pote' - 'Hands off my mate'. 

It was going strong in the eighties, when I was in my teens (late eighties, late. I'm not that old, ok?)

It's against racism, and its symbol which was made into a sticker you could put on your clothes is this:

I love this picture and what it stands for: friendship, not judging each other, people getting together who are utterly different from each other, have nothing in common but their friendship for each other, a friendship that will open them up to new and different worlds ... a bit like blogging, in fact!

So I chose this picture as my interpretation of this week's theme: friendship.

One small detail. The yellow hand sticker is to be worn on your heart, for obvious reasons. You're not meant to stick it anywhere else, even on a good looking man. (Even if on Alexander Skarsgard. girls!)

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(Posted by Sandrine for Sister 3 who not only has to have her work translated, but will not even upload her own pictures! She says slow connection, I say Diva syndrome!)


Jen said...

Lol at diva syndrome :) Great photo and great information. We could really do with stickers like that again I think:) Jen.

Sandrine said...

Lol. She's at work, so she couldn't double check my translation! Just wait till she finds out what I said...

sister3 said...

Who is talking about syndrom ? I AM a diva, so what ?
AND I'm stuck at work when it is time to post
AND I have no idea on how you do it!!!
Jen, all the "touche pas a mon pote" still exist, they just make less noise
maybe it is as well, let's leave different people do their melting pot and let's fight each day, little by little

bubbleboo said...

haha - I love your interpretation of the theme! :D

Michelle said...

Fab interpretation of the theme. I think that is a great movement and somethind perhaps schools over here should think about. Mich x

sister3 said...

deaur bubble boo (love your name !) and michelle, I'm so proud you liked this ! Yesterday I visited my girl's new school, and I saw poems and little works every where against racism, but without telling it ! I like it this way !
My daughter says her skin is beige, and the one of one of her friend is brown
I hope one day every thing will be okay !

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