I want a decompression chamber

 Ok, I'm not saying I'm giving up on it, but right now, it just isn't working. I can't, for the life of me, be bothered to come up with a list of things that make me happy. I had a migraine most of today and yesterday so that's one reason why I don't feel particularly Pollyannish right now. The happy meme will keep.

I've always been a migraine sufferer. I got them as a child. Then they stopped, and started again in my late teens. And that was a while ago. I'd kind of gotten used to them (could even begin to remember which side of my head they were on) and could pick up the early warning signs. At least my husband could.

So I'd be asking for a bar of chocolate, an orange, a glass or wine and some red meat and instead of handing out the goods he'd turn around and announce I was coming down with a migraine. How did he know? Well, he worked out that when it's coming, I actually crave the things that are supposed to be triggers. Funny isn't it?

But just as we were finally figuring it out, another kind of migraine arrived: the weather changes migraine. It goes like this: the weather changes, I get a migraine. Yep, that simple. So it's also easy to spot. Just look at the sky. There's even a site you can go to that will warn you of weather changes, so you can, well, resign yourself?

I used to love stormy weather (doesn't everyone?) but now, at the first sign of electricity in the air, I feel oppressed, trapped, and I want to hide.

My husband suggested I buy  a decompression chamber, the thing they put the astronauts in when (if) they come back to earth. (actually I think he said it was for divers but astronauts make it sound more glamourouss). Supposedly it makes the pressure changes easier on your body, as in, stops your head from exploding if you come back up too fast from the bottom of the sea. I presume it would work as well if your body thinks it's a barometer.

Here's one:

 And you can buy it here. Except it's sooo expensive they won't even tell you the price.

It looks ok from the outside, but I'm not sure it would fit with our living room (which looks a bit like the covered bazaar in Istanbul, as I think I've mentioned). Now if I lived in a mansion I could probably have a room just for that purpose, and I could decorate it appropriately. Now I'm not much of a sci-fi girl, but picture this scene: weird but snowy white UFO lands on planet with beautiful over the top vegetation. I'm thinking The Doctor's Daughter (Yes, I keep up with it, it's one of the ones with Martha Jones where they clone the doctor so he has a daughter).


So all I need there is a few plants and some Cath Kidston wall paper. If we could make the chamber a biggish one with a stylish yet comfortable couch, wifi, a mini fridge, a kettle and a small library, I think I'd be quite happy to go in there whenever the weather changes.

What I wouldnt' like, is one of those real ones, that look all dirty and used inside, like a changing room in the swimming pool. Like that one:

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jayme Pastoric (RELEASED)

How can you possibly decompress in one of these? It's pain I want to eradicate, not taste. And is that man not wearing pants? 

Well, that took my mind off the migraine for a few minutes. Thanks for listening!


Jen said...

I get the 'weather change' migrane too. Haven't found a way around it yet although I seem to be improving with age! Hope you feel better soon. Jen.

kyouell said...

I had no idea there were "weather change" migraines! My husband thought I was nuts because the last two (that came right on each other) definitely seemed weather related. Man, you are just saving my butt all kinds of ways. So glad I found this blog!!!

Anonymous said...

May be it will be easier to get in a decompression chamber with Alex Skarsgard !

Sandrine said...

@Jen - good to know it can go away. I'm feeling better today, thanks. I think it might be because I went out last night, after taking a strong pain killer and had a couple of G&Ts...
@Kyouell - Welcome to our sister blog! If you're in the States you should really check out that link about weather changes. Then at least you'll know it's time to pack your stuff and retire to the decompression chamber.
@anonymous - Please bear in mind that I'm trying to persuade my husband to buy the decompression chamber for me. I don't think A.S. is going to be a selling point as far as he's concerned. Also, my sisters may be jealous. Plus: what kind of a name is 'anonymous'?

JulieB said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit bleurgh. I don't get migraines as such, but did suffer from very strong headaches caused by badly aligned spine (all that hunching over a computer!). I've been seeing a chiropracter for a while now and it has really helped a lot.

Sorry there is no easy answer for you - maybe you could see if you could hire a decrompression chamber on an occasional basis?

'Im Indoors said...

Plus: what kind of a name is 'anonymous'?

It's anonymous's name, sweetheart.

Gappy said...

I used to get migraines as a child too. Not any more though for some reason. And I'm with you on the happy memes. There was a 'name seven things that make you grumpy' meme doing the rounds for a while and I got on so much better with that!

Big Mama Cass said...

I have had them since my mid 20s. A nightmare is what they are. And omg I so said "is that guy wearing pants" and then read "is that guy not wearing pants?" HAHAHAHA

Sandrine said...

Julie, ouch, that sounds awful. Glad the chiropractor helped!
Gappy - I think I could do three grumpy memes before breakfast most days! Best not indulge maybe... Glad you got over the migraines! They do seem to come and go mysteriously. I had this theory that mine were worse now because Ankara is high up, but a friend told me hers stopped when she came here...

Sandrine said...

Hi Big Mama Cass, thanks for joining us! I'm glad your reaction to that guy's weird beige underwear was the same as mine. I was starting to worry that it was just me... And yes, migraine's a bitch, sorry you're a sufferer too.

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