Guest post: Serendipity

I am absolutely thrilled to say I have been paired with Sandrine   to submit a guest post. By great good fortune, it became clear as we exchanged email ( and Sandrine explained to me what to do, it's my first time ! )  that we're a great match. We have similar interests, ideals and feeling on what is appropriate content on our respective blogs. We agreed to write our posts on the theme of 'Serendipity.' 
I thought about it a while, then as is often the case, the universe intervened.
I know there is no strict evidence of the hand of fate, however I feel sometimes that we are creating a very stylised, overly managed world - a bit of chaos and disorder can shake things up a bit. I don't really want my children growing up into world where there is only one 'right' way of doing things, I would like to encourage them to have a go at things that they enjoy and think around obstacles when they come. 

In short I believe in the hand of fate and definitely believe in serendipity. 

I posted the opening verse of a Robert Browning poem recently on my blog. It may have seemed a little, well, you know, over the top. It felt right however. Here in the UK we have had an unusually long, harsh Winter. For many it seemed that the Summer was never going to come. Suddenly the sun arrived, the flowers bloomed London started buzzing and I think we all really felt the sun's warmth in many many ways.  

Several bloggers left lovely comments in response to the poem; many of us were forced to learn it parrot fashion at school ! The lovely Sparx , leaving her comment today - the day I need to exchange guest post with Sandrine, told me that 27 years ago she wrote the very same verse, tucked it in an envelope, anonymously, and slid it under the door of her very homesick English Professors, then teaching in Canada. What a delightful thing to do.

Here's a summary.Here in London I posted the opening verse of a poem; I have been in email exchange with Sandrine in Turkey discussing our mutual appreciation of the goddess Minerva / Athena. Sparx let me know that the poem meant an awful lot to her and her university English professors in Canada. What are the odds on that ?  

Huge bowl of lentils cook slowly in chicken or other good tasty stock with garlic pepper and the odd chilli. Rinse, drain & serve with watercress, pancetta quickly pan fried and big chunk of warm bread. Yum.

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Littlemummy said...

Nice idea to post on the same theme, I like that :)

JulieB said...

I also like the idea of posting on the same subject - and what a lovely topic!
...and lentils, mmmm...do have a fondness for lentils...

Mummy said...

I am trying to teach my two that its okay to think outside the box, but at the same time teaching them everything that I think is important. Its a delicate balance, but like you I also believe in serendipity (which was also the name of my final art piece!)

@jencull (jen) said...

I also believe in serendipity and the theory that what you put out there is what you get back so being happy, kind and thoughful leads one to experience that daily:) Who knows :D Jen.

'Im Indoors said...

Other good things to put in your lentils, if you happen to have them to hand (and especially if, like me, you occasionally have to cook for people whose stomachs can't deal with chilli)

A bay leaf; a teaspoon of black mustard seeds; a teaspoon of cumin seeds; some turmeric.

Good to fry your seeds - and the turmeric -in oil for a minute or so before adding your lentils and stock. (They should start to make a popping noise)

Toast. (Don't add this to your lentils - piut your lentils on top when they're cooked)

Black mustard seeds are - for soem unfathomable reason - be a bit hard to come by in Ankara. Not as hard as pancetta, mind you...:-)

Belgravia wife - sort of said...

Love all your comments, it is always a balance with children, often not an easy one.

Im Indoors - I needed this. I love my lentils but am a bit sissy with turmeric ( like it don't love it ) I am going to have go thanks xx

sister3 said...

I tried very hard to understand the word serendipity just by reading both your posts
As I found them very interesting I just searched the definition in the dictionnary
Nice word !
Thanks for teaching it to me

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