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So a lot of people will be feeling down this morning, after the British  elections results. Not everyone, obviously! - though it is a mystery to me how anyone apart from Mrs Duffy voted for them. Sure, I get that some perfectly nice people have different ways of looking at things and that not every one who votes Tory does it in order to destroy lives. Plus, there's still the hope of a re-election sometime soon.
And things aren't quite as bad as they were in France when everyone had to vote for Sarkozy because otherwise the National Front would get in!!! So let's forgive, and if not forget, at least take a deep breath and calm down.


This is what I saw on my way to work this morning. Pretty, isn't it? There's a few of them around right now, and they should last a while. The picture's not great, but hey, Sister 3's not around so I have to fend for myself.
I like this flower a lot, but it's got tiny black insects hiding in the petals, looking like flecks. The kind that will crawl all over your stuff if you were to pick the flower and take it home. Not scary per se, but hidden, so unpleasant. You pick the flower, put it in vase, feel all pleased with yourself, and then recoil in horror as the beasties start crawling out. Once you've figured out they were tiny and harmless you're ok, but you don't get the same feeling of joy afterwards when you look at your flower arrangement.

So the moral of this is.... don't pick flowers. I know that even if the lib dems or labour had gotten in, we'd have been disappointed about something or other - but hey, it couldn't be worse than the Tories getting in, right?

On a lighter note, I've been lusting all week after Englishmum's cup cake pictures, so on Wednesday, I made some. They were basically fairy cakes with a butter and lime icing. The cakes tasted great, but the icing was a bit rich, and even though I used a special thingy thing to put the icing on the cakes, it didn't look quite right. In fact, it kind of looked kind of like worms. Does any one know how is it supposed to be done?

Still, the kids enjoyed them, and Max pulled his usual trick of adding a candle and singing happy birthday to himself.


English Mum said...

They look gorgeous! Thank you for the link (and they don't look like worms). I use the biggest star nozzle they do and just pipe from the inside out in a big swirl. They're such a lovely colour too xx

Sandrine said...

Thank you! Star nozzle, from the inside. I used worm nozzle, from the outside.

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