She's a poet and she knows it.

The Weekend Assignment this week wanted us to write something on poetry (April being poetry month, and all). Also to write a Haiku. Ouch. Can't do that.

I stopped appreciating poetry when I switched from French to English in my late teens. I mean I love things like Emily Dickinson, Wendy Cope, and I'm quite fond of Christina Rossetti, but on the whole I don't get it. Don't know why. Different rhythms and rimes, different conventions that I never studied. Maybe. Oh, and I quite like it when my husband reads poems aloud to me. Hint, hint...

My 10 year old daughter, ever tuned in to my swearing under my breath, asks what's up. I said I have to write a Haiku and will probably have to give up on this week's assignment. "Don't be stupid, she says. It's really easy. All you have to do is think of a subject then express yourself about it in 5-7-5. I open my mouth to scold her for, well, knowing better than me, when a light shines and I ask sweetly: 'Would you write one for me?'. 'Sure. I'll write a few and you can choose one. How about Istanbul and other places?' 'Ok'.

Ten minutes later she brings back three Haiku... in French. 'No! - this time I scold - it's for my blog, it has to be in English!'. So off she trots again and bring me another three. Same topic, but different inspiration altogether.

Here they are:

Istanbul, a town
While you cross the Bosphorus
In a quite nice boat.

A breath taking view
Over the sea with islands
In Amasra town.

A village with rocks
With churches, I have to say
See Cappadocia.


Anne said...

That is awesome. But I'm pretty sure you're supposed to write "Guest Blogger" when your daughter does your homework!

Sandrine said...

Hi hi! But then she might start to make demands...

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Aww, hooray for your daughter and her haiku! I love these!

Sandrine said...

Thanks Karen, I'll tell her!

Irem said...

Please tell her I miss her and that she made my day start really, really well.

Sandrine said...

Thanks Irem, I will!

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