sparkling tree

This is sister3's entry for tara's gallery, week 39, "sparkle"

I failed.
Fisrst because I'm late this week, and Sandrine was king of angry...she just said I was "vilaine" wich is like "naughty", and that she was expecting a soon post...
2nd because I intended to make the same picture than Tara (click on week 39 link), and my picture is just an awfully ugly stuff

So here's my post for this week
It's a very nice christmas tree though ! And the kid's eyes are really sparkling when they look at it ! and under it !!!!


@jencull (jen) said...

You had an exam? (noooo, wasn't talking to Sandrine at all, nooooo lol). Well, I hope it went/goes well and the tree looks great:) Jen

Herding Cats said...

What a beautiful Christmas tree and look at all those presents!

Sarah @ Catching the Magic said...

Such a beauty! I adore the mix of white and gold on the tree. Gorgeous!

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