Of dreams and sea-shells.

I had a dream: I was listening to a documentary about sea shells. Somebody was saying that there was only a very limited number of different kinds of sea shells in the world, that explorers had for a long time roamed seas and oceans trying to discover new types of shells, but to no avail.

You could forgive them for thinking there would be  a wide variety given the amount or weird stuff you find in the sea! But whenever they would discover a new layer of the ocean, a body of water previously unexplored, the same dozen or so of sea-shells would turn up, no more.

In my dream I remember thinking of the time I spent in sand pits as a child, finding tiny shells, wondering how they had made it all the way to my playground in a parisian subburb, and I thought: when children all over the world play in the sand, they find the same shells. It's all a repeating pattern. It never changes.

There you go. It doesn't mean much. I'm not even confident it was a dream - maybe a daydream brought on by some actual show I was listening to. It was brought back to me this morning as I was cleaning out my desk with the intent of working on it and I found these:

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@jencull (jen) said...

There is something comforting about thinking that children all over the world will find the same shells as they play, it is a lovely thought :) Jen

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