Wow, what a week this has been. And it's not even over yet. I lost my voice, again. Not because of a nightmare, but an oedema which thought my vocal cords looked cool enough to go sit on them. Well, just the right one, actually.

So I can't speak. Rather, I'm not supposed to. But you know me, it's hard to shut me up.

I'm happy. As in, delirious with joy. The world never looked so beautiful, the future is full of promises and each day, for the past five mornings, I've woken up and smiled. It had been a while. Not that I wasn't smiling, you see, I smile a lot, but these days, the smile looks different.

I won't say why, because it's a long story, though I sure hope I'll tell you all about it someday.

But I thought I might share this with you.

Smile, people. Life is beautiful.

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