Social media Gaga

For this week's Mama Kat's workshop, I chose prompt #5 'How has social media changed you'.

My immediate thought was 'well, I am not choosing that one, seeing as I am the exact same person I was before the advent of social media'. Right. Hem. After a few seconds, I realized that I would probably be slightly depressed if I didn't have an easy access to Facebook for more than, say, two hours.

I check it at home, on my Blackberry and at work. I originally joined because Sandrine thought it would be a good place to share pictures and thoughts. Gradually, I looked for friends, people found me and, as much as I hate to admit it, I was addicted in no time.

I love it. I love the way I think of a status update and write it, secretly hoping my friends will laugh. I love checking my buddies' pictures, being a part of their everyday life.

My personal favorite is the chat option. It's like the phone, only better. And you get to chat with two or three people at the same time.

I know it's superficial, shallow, I know it's a unique marketing tool, but seriously, I'm in this world, I want to share. Sharing is my thing, you see. I hate being alone and Facebook keeps me close to the ones I love.

So yeah, it changed me a little, because I didn't need it before, but really, I've always been like that. I become addicted easily. I think it's the tools that change, not us.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

The multiple chats sounds like lots of fun.

@jencull (jen) said...

ooohh, I started out on FB and then ended up on Twitter. If you think FB is addictive and are worried then don't try twitter :D:D:D oh go on, you know you want to, I will see you there :) Jen (a mention for you guys over on my blog today, just a little compliment)

Funkidivagirl said...

Yeah, I'm addicted to FB too. And Twitter. If I'm not careful, I can spend MANY hours on both without even noticing.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I started out on an Irish forum called rollercoaster, then FB and now Twitter. What's fascinating is that each one is faster - the conversation on RC could go on for days or even weeks, on FB it's hours, on twitter it's all over in a few minutes, how much faster can everything get?

Marianne said...

@JDaniel's mom: it is, but you have to be really focused ;)
@Jen: I don't think Twitter is a good idea ;) I tried and then figured I just didn't to make more time for social medias. So I'm sticking to Facebook. And my blog ;)Oh, and thank you for posting about us!!
@funkidivagirl: Tell me about it. I always log on and then go 'F...! Have I been here TWO hours???'
@Lookingforbluesky: I don't know, but it's a strange generation we're part of. I really don't know how it can get faster, but I'm pretty sure it will.

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