Spring cleaning - of a sort.

Tomorrow, thanks to Erica at Littlemummy we are having a guest here. Our very first. It's exciting! Reminds me of when I was at school and we had exchange students.
Our guest is a Londoner from Belgravia and has a beautiful blog full of fun and recipes. She's the real thing. And I'm going to go to her blog tomorrow and try not mess things up too much. But I'm nervous. Nervous in the way that I am if I have a guest coming at home that I haven't met before. What if they don't like it here? What if they think it's a bit messy (a pigsty, in fact)? So I think a bit of cleaning is in order before my new friend Belgravia Wife - sort of, comes to visit.

Let me see, where do I start? Someone will have to get rid of this giant bloody spider my sister brought in last night for starters! And it ain't gonna be me. I don't go anywhere near spiders. And given what happened last time Marianne bumped into that particular one, I guess it's not going to be her either. Sister 3? Would you mind? There, just flush down here.

Then there's the various smutty pictures  Sister3 has strewn around the blog, including what just has to be my brother in law's posterior! We'll have tidy these away somehow.

Oh there might be the odd zombie escaped from the 18th Century. I'll have to do something about that too.

There, I feel a bit better. Now I have to go and worry about writing a nice guest post for tomorrow! See you there!

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Belgravia wife - sort of said...

Hi - found you ! It's just lovely please don't change a thing ! Did you want me to put some foodie stuff at the end ? Are you French ? I'm nervous too ! xx

Sandrine said...

Yes, we're French, although I'm married to an Englishman so my Frenchness is a bit eroded. Yes please to foodie stuff! Marianne and I sometimes post recipes, but we've gotten lazy of late...

@jencull (jen) said...

Exciting doing at guest post, I am doing my first one next week and I am all nervous and excited about it:) Best of luck:) Jen.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

I always feel so anxious when people are coming to my house that have never been here before. I usually end up with a horrible stress headache and drive the rest of the family crazy with my cleaning demands.
Glad to have found your blog.

Sandrine said...

Thanks Jen, good luck to you too! Are you doing it via Erica?
Hi Holly! Good of you to drop by! I think the real expert in driving family crazy with cleaning demands is http://inpursuitofmarthapoint.com She is a model to us all! Glad you found us too.

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