How to write a book - my post at Untemplater

As you're reading this, I'm on the beach. Or at least, I'm probably resting in the hotel room, trying to get Max to lie down a bit, quietly. Because if it's 2pm Turkish time, when this post is scheduled to come out, then it's too hot to be on the beach. We're careful about those things.

But I'm also over at Untemplater, talking about how to write a book. So this is where I come out of the closet and  say that I've written and published one book and have another one under contract. Nothing glamourous. Nothing you need a blog and lots of readers for. They're academic books. But I feel pretty smug when I thing about how I managed to put all these words together by a deadline. They're not the very best words, but, hey, they hang together, more or less.

Check it out here if you like!

If you're over from Untemplater:    
Welcome to the Paris-Ankara Express!

Please take a tour.

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