A novel idea

This is Sister 3's entry for Sticky Fingers' gallery.
This week's theme is: A novel idea.
A photograph which you think represents a favourite book or novel or even children's tale.
A classic, pulp fiction, a fairytale, a modern masterpiece.

The Princess and the Pea....
As a matter of fact I hate this particular tale: it reduces the worth of a woman to her inability to live without the most extreme luxuries.
Ok, so coming from someone who refuses to go camping this may not be a very fair comment...
Long story short: I felt like taking this picture.

Puss in Boots:

Don't you think he looks a little bit like the one in Shrek?

The Sue Grafton Alphabet Murders (as in D is for Deadbeat)


After careful consideration, my favourite writer has to be Jasper FForde, and his Thursday Next series (like The Well of Lost Plot).

Well, maybe I shouldn't say he's my favourite author, as I haven't managed to read him in English and have to make do with a translation. But his stories are definitely my favourite stories, because they're adventures that take place in actual novels and Jasper creates for us a whole universe, full of the lives of our literary heroes.

As I am still a child, I want to believe in the adventures of Thursday Next - a real woman, not like the Princess with the pea!

In the Well of Lost Plots we find out that somewhere in fiction land, there is a huge library, guarded by the Cheshire Cat (not Puss in Boots!) and that on the lowest level is the well of lost plots, where unread books fall. The characters of these books find themsleves unread, unknown, without a reason for living ...

So this is my last picture: the Well of Lost Plots.
These books are in a part of my library that has already been sorted under the category: 'I won't read them again so I'll get rid of them'

Those I manage to sell or give away won't fall in the well! Though believe me, some of them are very bad indeed...

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Jean said...

LOVE these pics! Gotta say puss in boots is my favourite XXX

Kate said...

Brilliant! Princess and the pea is my fave!!

Him Up North said...

Great pics! And you have a bookcase like mine too!! Do I spy some John Irving books on there...

JulieB said...

What a great set of pics - love the interpretation. Puss in boots is very sweet.

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Great entry -- I especially love the first photo. The "Princess and the Pea" was my favourite fairy tale when I was a child! =)

urbanvox said...


bubbleboo said...

Great post - and the first picture made me lol!

sister3 said...

Dear bubbleboo, if I could escape, and kate : I really wanted to do that picture, I had the idea as soon as I read the theme of the week ! I actually made 3 : this one, with the dress, one with a barbie princess sitting on the pea can, and one with a crown on the can; All the family voted for the dress
Dear jean,and Julie, my cat is definitely a good model ! again I had to take lots of pictures before you could see it was a boot, and he didn't run away ! just eated the boot a few times !
Dear Him up North, you probably can see a few of them (I can't, but it's late, and there are suitcases all over the room so...
I read the world accroding to gap, a widow for a yar, until I find you, and another one but I can't find the original tittle, it's "les rĂªves des autres" in french
I never know what to thing of his books, I can't decide if I lije or hate
I must try one in English, maybe it's the translation wich is confusing
urbanvox...THANK YOU, your comment is brilliant too !!!

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