We're substantial, we are.

Our bloggy friend Very Bored in Catalunya has bestowed on us a great honour, an award that says our blog is a blog of substance. Needless to say, she got it first. Although I am extremely grateful to her for giving us the award, I must put it on record that whole periods of work time have been spent in stitches because of her blog.

Just in case you don't believe she gave us the award, or think that substantial is just another way of calling us fat, here's what she said:
to the three sisters that make up Paris Ankara Express for being a brilliant blog and also because I love the fact that 2 of the sisters are in Paris and one in Turkey and they are French but write in English.
So you see, she likes our blog.

And you can even check it out for yourself on her brilliant blog Very Bored in Catalunya.(But I should warn you, don't read it if you're trying to get any work done, or if you've just put the kids to sleep. You'll wake them up with the laughing).

And here is the award in all its (our) glory:

And now we're to pass on the award to other blogs with substance. Seeing as my sisters are almost certainly pretending to be at work right now - whereas I really am, yes, I dropped by the office after hours to pick something up and take Max out for a walk. He's sitting on more than half my chair right now, drawing pictures on my desk - I'm going to nominate on behalf of all of us. And if they like, they can always add names later.

So, here comes. Drum rolls:

I nominate Varda from the Squashed Bologna- who's written one of the most beautiful posts ever on autism - From autist to artist - and plenty of other amazing ones.

I nominate the Noble Savage - despite the fact that she's named her blog after Rousseau who is irritating me a lot lately - because she manages to be serious, irreverent, touching, and staunchly feminist all at once and all the time.

I nominate Gappy from Tales of Single Parenthood because she's brave and funny and clever, and most of all a great writer whose posts are always making me think. And she likes True Blood.

Oh, one last thing. If you liked this post, would you mind terribly clicking on the RSS feed, here, or the Google connect buttons (top left), or by email at the bottom of this page? And if you didn't like it, you might still want to look around. There's three of us, you know, so you're (almost) bound to find something you like. And then, if you've still got time, you could share this post or stumble it, or both and get in touch with your local tv station to sing our praises. We'll love you forever.


Gappy said...

Oooh thanks ever so much - both for a fantastic award and the kind words. I shall display it in my sidebar with pride. xxx

You are certainly very deserving recipients of said award yourselves if I may say so - didn't realise there were three of you!

Noble Savage said...

You know, I've been bored by the awards making the rounds lately but this one rocks my socks. Thank you. I shall accept it and pass it on in due course.

P.S. - why is Rousseau annoying you? Not that I'm a big fan but just curious...

@jencull (jen) said...

Well done, know some of the blogs you mentioned but not all so will check them out:) Jen

Jean said...

Like Jen there's a few new names to me so now I've gotta check then out too.
Congrats on yr award

Varda said...

Thank you so much. I'm thrilled. I'm honored. I'm speechless (a rarity for me). I'm ... oh wait, I have to read a chapter of Harry Potter to a little person, then put him to bed. So I'll be back later. Thanks again, Varda

Sandrine said...

@Gappy: Thanks! Yes, we're 3 sisters - details on the 'about' page.
@ Noble Savage: I'm writing a book on Mary Wollstonecraft, so coming across a lot of Rousseau's writing on women's education, all of it along the lines of :'women can't do abstract thinking, they were made to please and relax men, and their real power lies in not letting men know whether they sleep with them cause they like it or out of submission'. You get the drift...
@Jen and Jean - Yes, check them out! And Jen, congratulations to you too, I believe Very Bored gave you the same award!
@Varda: have fun with Harry Potter! Charlotte stopped after the first one because she was too scared. Not of the witchcraft and stuff, but because at the beginning of the second book, Harry and Ron steal a car and are going to be late for school...

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