A photo I'm proud of

This is Sister3's entry or week 24 of tara's gallery at sticky fingers.
Ce theme this week was : "a photo I'm proud of"

I took this picture something like 10 years ago.
I had an argentic camera of course, remember, the ones which don't show you the picture as soon as you take it ?
The one that costs an arm (french expression...means very very expensive) for pictures absolutely horrible sometimes ?
Well this picture was taken with this camera
When I arrived at the photograph shop to pay for my pictures and see them for the 1st time, the photographer gave me an enlargement of this picture, I mean for free, telling me it was beautiful !
I was proud, and my husband (boyfriend in fact 10 years ago) was also !
So 10 years later, He was trying on sunday to find and old postcard, and found this picture ! We laughed, and had fun remembering...
And then I went on sticky fingers...And of course choose to show you this picture !
Sorry for the horrible way of writing, Even I can tell it's fulll of faults and strange way to write in english, but Sandrine is in Italy this week, so she won't translate.

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Pfff 2nd time I post, 2nd time there's no way I can copy this stuff with the link !
Please, go on an another post, like the last "week end charter" for example, and click wherever you want....
thank you !


MrsW said...

It's lovely, a great action shot. My photo this week is also 10 years old and was taken on a film camera - I remember the joy of finding ONE good photograph in a roll of 36 - and that was lucky. Ah the good old days (no!)

Nickie @ Typecast said...

Beautiful shot :)

bubbleboo said...

Wow, now that is a stunningly awesome shot! Chipmunk loves swans, I'll definitely show him this - great capture :D

monkeymummy said...

Fantastic shot and great post... and I love your English, its better than mine, thank goodness for spellcheck!

sister3 said...

dear ladies,
thank you for your comments
You are very nice persons, because I took a look on YOUR pictures before, and they are fab' !!!!
See you next week !

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