Portraits of Autism - Guest post from HRH (and his mum Jen).

So we're on the beach. Building sandcastles, swimming, getting sunburnt. Having a great time.
So I can't write a portrait. But I've managed to convince my friend Jen from The King and Eye to lend me one of her excellent posts so the series could carry on! So here's a guest post from Jen, or rather from her 2.5 year old son, His Royal Highness, who'd rather speak for himself!

Hi, I am HRH. I am 2.5 years old. I wanted to come tell you more about myself. I haven't written here since my letter to Santa so I thought it was time I stopped by and remedied this.

A very nice lady, with the initials S.N. gave Mama a book called '10 Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew' by Ellen Notbohm. By now, some of my extended family have read it too and found it very helpful.

I would like to tell you 10 things about me:

1. I am me. I have my own personality, autism is part of me but does not define me. I have likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, just as you do.

2. I have a great sense of humour. Yes, it is hilarious when I break wind, just like it is for all males.

3. I am a very gentle and affectionate child, I love hugs and kisses.

4. When you meet me please do not force me to interact with you. Say hello and give me space. You are new, I need time to adjust and get used to your voice, your perfume/aftershave and other things you won't even have thought of or notice. Please do not take this personally. I will approach you when I am ready, I am worth waiting for. 

5. I cannot talk yet, I only have a few words. I am able to communicate in other ways though, watch me and you will see this.

6. Believe my parents or my big brother if they tell you something about me. They know me better than anyone else in the whole wide world. They are used to my ways and understand me. If they tell you I am tired then I am tired. They are my voice until I find my own voice.

7. The world can be a very confusing place for me. I get scared a lot. When I get scared I might have a tantrum, that is how I communicate my fear. Or I might hide in my Mamas' arms, or run away.

8. When I do have a tantrum it might just be because I am 2.5 years old and frustrated, the same way any toddler can be. Or it might be because I am overloaded with information and can't cope. It is not because I am naughty or spoiled.

9. It is up to you, as an adult, to learn to accommodate my ways until I learn new ways. You also need to make allowances for my fears until I learn to overcome them. You can help me by being patient and understanding.

10. I am not 'slow'. I need to learn differently than you do but I am bright and enthusiastic about my learning. I am not a genius either, like you I find some aspects of learning easier than others. (Oh, and I love my tutor).

Oh, how embarrassing, Mama is trying to interfere with this post and get me to tell you more about how wonderful and gorgeous I am  *stop it mama, go and write your own list.............. oh, ok, ok*

Mama says 'Hi'!

Jen is Mum of three great children, one of whom has autism. Wife, taxi service, cook and chief bottle washer! She also blogs over at The King and Eye in her *spare* time. Please go visit her there for more great posts, and also, visit the blog she's editing: Irish Autism Action

See you next week!

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@jencull (jen) said...

Thanks for having me visit:)

Sandrine said...

Thank you for coming! Hope you come again.

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