Dear Alexander Skaarsgard

For this week's Writer's Workshop at Mama Kat's, I chose prompt # 4: "an open letter to a celebrity".

I was very tempted, no, extremely tempted to write on the other prompt "that time you met your online friend for real" but it's way too personal. For those who've been reading me for a while, it has to do with Kiss #4. Yes.

And since I promised myself to write a book about this story, I'll just keep it to myself for now.

So here's the letter.

"Dear Alexander,

You are, by far, the most beautiful man on earth. I haven't met all men, true, but I can tell. You are just perfect.

Even though I know I'm not as perfect as you are, I'd like to draw a list of the reasons you should start dating me:

1- I'm French. This does not need more explaining, I think.
2- I think you and I would be perfect together. And I'm never wrong.
3- I'm not totally crazy. I think most of your fans are. Think about it for a second. Most fans believe in vampires and drool a little whenever they see you. I don't believe in vampires and I only drool when I sleep, sometimes.
4- I'm not photogenic at all. Which means you'd always look great in the pictures we'd send our friends from our vacation spots (by the way, the Bahamas, next February, is that O.K. with you?)
5- I am smart. I'm not sure you are. No offense, sweetie, but you're way too hot to be intelligent. So if you're not that bright, I can be the one talking at dinner parties and you'll be the cute one. If you are intelligent, it's also pretty cool, because we will need to do other things, you, besides, well (cannot write this here, as evil sisters will probably censor me but you know what I'm thinking, right?)

I only chose 5 points because I'm sure you're pretty busy with the shooting of True Blood and trying to look gorgeous at all times. I'm not even slightly worried that you won't answer because, truly, we're soul mates.

You and I are meant to be. (I repeat, though, I'm NOT crazy)



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Holly said...

OK, I must be missing out by not watching True Blood...U need to go watch some vampires. Great letter.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I need to google this guy. Btw... don't EVER read a book by it's cover. People CAN be beautiful and smart.

Marianne said...

@ Holly: yes, you are missing out. My sister Sandrine and I are crazy about the guy. Dunno about CĂ©line, I don't think she watches the show. Thanks for the compliment ;)
@ournextchapters: do Google him, it'll make your day brighter! And btw, I was just kidding, of course you can be smart and beautiful. Look at me! :)

Leslie Limon said...

I hate to admit that I had to Google Alexander, because I had no idea who he was. In my defense, we don't get True Blood here in my small town in Mexico. But now that I've seen his pics, I hope we get True Blood soon! He is smoking hot! :) And I think you make a lovely couple! :)

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

LinzW1976 said...

I absolutely get you completely, 100%... the only flaw you'll find is that he is actually in love with me... maybe? :)

Anonymous said...

You drafted the letter perfectly, but there? At the end? You spelled my name wrong! *sigh* He is so dreamy. (do people still say that?) And just FYI *whispering* vampires are real. Shhh

Marianne said...

@Leslie: I'm sure you have pretty cool stuff I don't have in Paris. And thank you, I think me make a lovely couple, too. You'll be invited to the wedding ;)
@Linz: Thank you, I enjoyed writing it. But, er, no, he's mine.
@mommylebron: sorry but he's MINE and mine only. Not sharing. And, about vampires, well, if they all look like him, I'm all for their actual existence ;)

sister3 said...

Nope I don'y watch the show...I would love it, as I readd (in engkish !) all the books, BUT my internet connexion is not good enough to catch stuff on the net and of course it's totally forbidden...
anyway, after this so interesting comment on my life (...)let me tell you: I don't like him
Not at all
Eventually if you cut off the head...
I don't share tastes with my sisters
which is good

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