let's celebrate

This is Sister3's entry for tara's gallery, week 37
The theme this week in celebration ! Any one

Kind of dificult for me to post on celebration, as I'm strictly forbidden to post pictures of husband (except for his nose actually , as I'm really pleased to say each time I speak of him...)and child, and friends...
So all I have is my sisters...Not too easy , n'est ce pas ?

We were celebrationg, I swear !
Marianne is crying because it was the last day together,
(or because Alexander dpfjiofjzio didn't call her back ?)
 and Sandrine and her family were flying back to turquie, Marianne staying in Paris and I behind my camera...
But we were celebrating ! It was our Mum's birthday,
 and it was the 1st time since very long we were together
Now, since february, we are together in an other way, our blog
And our blog our posts, are the best celebration !!!!
Come on, let's celebrate !

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Jean said...

You all look really happy in this picture. I have 3 sisters and I know how precious it is when we all get together XXX

Anonymous said...

Aw, bless you all! What a lovely picture, I have always longed for sisters!

Anonymous said...

I love this trio of sisters. It reminds me of one of the many pictures of me and my sister taken this way. All smiling goofilly.
I also love that you chose to do a blog together.


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