This is the Paris-Ankara Express entry for week 6 or Sticky Fingers' Gallery. The theme is 'Ugly'.

I don't usually speak / write in English. So imagine what thinking in English does to me ! My sister, the one who calls herself the cool sister(...) told me UGLY is very strong, meaning you know, something...UGLY, really
When I think about ugly things, I don't want to take pictures of them. Think of a certain sign used in the 40's by UGLY people: that would have been the ugliest. But someone ugly could come upon my photo not realising that it was supposed to illustrate a theme from Sticky Fingers. I would be the person who posts this kind of picture. This would be ugly, but not as I see it.

So my uglies are funny

Because that's what life is, sometimes...

The 1st pic, the fishes, well, I hate them, I mean, no, I'm scared to death when I see one, even a tiny one. Anyway,I love/hate these two!

the 2nd one, well, it's a girly thing...don't think I was the one to come up with it though; my husband was the perfect assistant on this one...

talking about my husband, he is the model for the last ugly picture...
As you can imagine, everything above and below this bit of him is for me the most beautiful man in the world.

This is my conclusion : Each day, each person, each thing, take another look, a different one. Are you sure that what you are looking at is ugly ?

If you want to see last week's entry, click here.


Nova said...

Oh you scared me there....the fish are not ugly...I was lulled into a false sense of security and THEN the next picture.....yuk! I have a phobia about worms- stupid I know so I bypassed that quickly and then nearly passed out at the next one. ;0)

sister3 said...

well, here's what this is all about ! worms make me laugh, fishes scared, and the last one makes me sometimes pass out...but for good reasons !!!
have a laugh at my sisters posts, and go see in last week in pictures, you'll have more fishes ! And let me come and see what YOU have done !

JulieB said...

Oh dear - did your husband agree to model for that?!

sister3 said...

yes he did, indeed !
You know, most of our friends don't speak english, so they don't visit this blog.
So he didn't care, mostly because no one would recognise him !
And as you will see if you read the posts, we are kind of crazy in this family !
Now let me see YOURS

The Moiderer said...

Well I think they are very good choices although I don't really find the worm ugly. The last one is a real shocker though!

sister3 said...

Shhhh ! I promised him every one would find it funny, but not that ugly !!!
Don't laugh too loud !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post, love the nose shot!!!!

heidi adnum said...

Love it!

sister3 said...

now I know why I found your pictures beautiful ! you are a pro !!!!
love the one of your profil also !
thank you for loving mine, As they won't be beautiful I choose fun instead

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