Our very first meme!

We've been nominated for an award!!!!

Behold, the Kreativ Blogger Award, and our very very first blogger's meme:

The lovely Julie B. from The Sardine Tin has asked us to tell you seven things you didn't know about us, and then pass the award on to seven other bloggers, so they can do the same.

We had a hard time deciding which of the three of us should do it, so we settled for all three! Yes! Bargain! You're getting three for the price of one!

At the end of the each post, we will tag some other bloggers. We don't know if it will add to 7 – we're new and we don't know anyone yet!

Seven things you didn't know about Sandrine.

This should be pretty easy. I'm brand new on the blogging scene so no one knows anything about me. On the other hand I've done these things on facebook before, and a few (erm, most) of our readers actually know us outside the blog. So I'll try and be original

  1. I'm useless at Geography. I mean really bad. Much worse than I am at maths, quantum physics, or remembering to take my feverfew tablets, for instance. Don't ask me where anything is, unless it happens to be Paris, London, New York or somewhere big in Turkey. I don't know. Not even roughly. I certainly don't know how many rivers run through France, or which departments they go through (or how many departments there are?). I know Scotland is at the top of England. Until last week, I thought Oxford and Cambridge were both south of London (and was always slightly puzzled by the phrase 'going up to college').

  2. I have had a broken tooth since mid-december. It broke while I was eating ice cream! Allegedly I haven't had it repaired because I haven't had time. But given the amount of time I have spent brushing it compulsively, I reckon that was a miscalculation. My glasses are also broken, and I've fixed them with a bit of wire from my daughter's jewelry making kit. It holds better with tape, but I'm not a complete dork, thank you very much.

  3. I really like writing books (philosophy, not fiction – that would be much cooler). I never thought I would, I'd always imagined it would be too much work, that I wouldn't have the staying power. But I'm on my second one and loving everything about it, from planning, to drafting and even revising, and, especially, buying the requisite stationary.

  4. I have a stationary fetish. Maybe not a fetish. Maybe a mild obsession. Ok, I like it a lot. And I don't just mean pens and rubbers and paper and stuff. As far as I'm concerned, a pink mini laptop is stationary, as is an iPod you can store ebooks on.

  5. I never look at the time when I'm baking. And I've done a lot of baking over the years. It's not strictly intentional. I put a cake in the oven, I say: I must find my phone/watch to find out what time it is, then I wash up first, then it's time to check my email, and before you know it I say: 'oh my god I'd forgotten I had a cake in the over!' It mostly works.

  6. If I wake up in the middle of the night I think it's the end of the world. Literally. I'm a very sound sleeper, and even crying babies don't wake me unless accompanied by a sound shaking from my husband. So when, on a couple of occasions I was woken in the night (once a hurricane, the other time an earthquake - both mild, non-life threatening) I sat up in bed and asked 'Is it the end of the world?'. To which Husband replied: 'No, go back to sleep'. So I did.

  7. Last but not least: I'm going to Florence this summer for the first time ever! Without the kids! I'm so excited! I've never ever been, although I stayed in Rome for a week and visited Venice briefly. I've always been a fan of Room with a View, the book and the film (yes, I know, the ending is different, and the film is a bit lame, but I love it!). I can't wait to throw my Baedeker in the Arno.

So now I have to tag other Bloggers. The rules are as follows:

1) Copy the award to your blog

2) Insert a link to the person who nominated you (see intro, above)

3) Share 7 things about yourself you haven't told us before - see above,

4) Tag 7 other bloggers (I am cheating, I have only come up with 5)

5) Link to their blogs

6) Tell them they have been nominated

So now I tag: my friend Ecomum from You can't diaper their faces. Her blog went on a hiatus because she moved back to Canada and I'd really like her to start again!

The lucky because she moved from Ankara to sunny Antalya Charlotte from Charlotte, Guillaume et Lucie en Turquie, just to see if we can get the meme to speak French!

The lovely Anabelle from the self-improvement blog 'get in the hot spot' as she says she hasn't written strange personal updates or given readers a laugh at her expense recently! So here's her chance!

And tune in in a few hours' time for Sister3' s version of the meme!


JulieB said...

Thank you so much for taking part in the meme! I'm honoured to have been the first to tag you:)

I'm so jealous of your trip to Florence - I went there with my parents as a teenager, and remember it as a beautiful place. And without the kids! Hope you have a wonderful time.

Sandrine said...

I know! I'm so excited about it! It's also a conference so not all play, but I'll be there for six whole days!

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