Week end Charter : In-Flight movie

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

Charlotte began to watch this today, and gave up. Her verdict was: 'This is a terrible movie. It doesn't follow the plot of the book at all.' So don't bother.

I wouldn't stoop so low as to watch the film, (or films?) but last week a friend lent me the book. So I've read Twilight. And, erm, how shall I put it – it's crap, isn't it? Not one redeeming feature, as far as I can see. All the characters are annoying. There's no plot to speak of (apart from a little squirmish right at the end) and the main characters don't even come close to doing it.

Not that I only read 'good books'. Most of the time, you'll find me tucked in to some hard-boiled crime, or chick lit. And I've even read my share of vampire books. Not that long ago, I read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series, after seeing True Blood on tv. Now that's vampire fiction as it should be – it's funny, scary and sexy (even though Alexander Skarsgard isn't actually in the books).

But if you're not convinced by my condemnation of Twilight go see the Oatmeal's useful summary:


And … Lost … isn't really getting any better. ABC's facebook page announced that this week episode would tell us what happens to Sun and Jin, but either I fell asleep before the end, or ABC told a big fat lie. Also, I'm getting tired with everyone getting their knickers in the twist about being on or off the island. They were on, they got off, they came by on, now they want off again. Make up your bloody mind!

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