Joy - Sandrine's version

Don't worry, Sister 3 will post her entry to Sticky Fingers' Gallery as usual. But this week, I had something I wanted to enter too. So she kindly let me.

My son, who finds it hard to form relationships with kids his own age has no such difficulties when it comes to girls a few years older than him. The prettier the better. And if they're exceptionally pretty, he'll even go for teenagers.

One of his biggest crushes is on a young woman we met in Capadoccia several years ago - her father drives us around sites in his minibus. She is 14 to my son's 7. He adores her and talks of her incessantly.

We hadn't been to Capadoccia since the autumn (too cold!) so he hadn't seen you H for a while.

This is how he felt when they got together again at Easter.

I call it joy.


Nova said...

Awww, that is so sweet. Those little boy crushes are adorable. :0)

Notes to self plus two said...

Brillant - love the crush xx

Sandrine said...

Yes, although the object of his attention is looking a little bored, I have to say. Baby crush can be too much of a good thing!

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