What I'll mostly be reading this summer

Right. I've found another weekly meme writing type thingy to do. Which is good because Marianne is going to do the Sleep is for the Weak Writing Workshop from now on. This one's called called Weekend Assignment and the topic is Summer Reading.

Here's the instructions:

Okay, yes, I know, it's still spring, but this is when I begin thinking about what kind of summer reading I might like to have on hand for those too-hot-to-clean days of summer. So, for this week's assignment, I want you to share with us the kind of summer reading you look forward to the most. Sci-fi? Horror? Political Thrillers? Romance? It's all good. Now, tell me more!
Extra Credit: Okay writers, get to work! Write me the opening paragraph, just (1) paragraph of a summer read you would like write yourself. Again, any genre works fine, have fun with it!

Huh, that's a good one. Summer reading. As in: it's summer, you can just lie about with a beer and a huge pile of books. As in: you're not going to have to work or chase after children on the beach all day long and drop exhausted as soon as the sun goes down. (It goes down early in Turkey, even in summer).

Ok, I'm playing martyr here. I am looking forward to summer reading, even if I won't be spending that much time on it.

Actually, I ordered some books from Betterworld books specifically for the summer. I ordered a guide book to Florence. Yes! I'm going to Prato, just outside Florence, in August, all by myself. I'll have two plane journeys and 6 whole days there with no children to worry about. Ok, I probably won't be doing that much reading, as it's a conference, and also, I'll be wanting to look around a bit. But still. I've ordered books. I ordered books I've already read, many times, just because it was Florence. So I ordered A Room with a view. And Where Angels Fear to Tread. And Howards End. (Nothing to do with Florence but I quite fancied re-reading it and it just so happens I didn't bring any of my E.M.Forster books to Turkey with me. But let's face it, by the time the books are out of the box I'll be half way through them. So maybe I need something more substantial.

Er, Dante? I suppose that's substantial and he's from Florence. I've read bits, but never cover to cover. Except I can't read it in Italian, so should I read it in French or English? Too much trouble to decide, I think. Or I could read that big fat book called the Dante Club that's been sitting on my bed side for nearly two years now. It's about translating Dante in America and black flies that eat people. Except there's a good reason why it's still on that pile: I didn't like it. But it looked like on principle I should like it so I left it on the pile. What do you do with a book you don't like? Can you give it away before you've read it? Advice welcome.

The book I'd really like to read if someone would bother to write it:

The authors of this book, out the kindness of their hearts, will proceed to teach you, clearly and concisely, but with plenty of cool, not-exactly-real-life case studies, how to stretch time, so that you can actually read more books in the summer, be relaxed as you're reading them, and remember more than just the title three months later. The book will go through various techniques in just enough details so you can try it at home but not so much you will be able to blame them if it doesn't work – after all, we know that you don't have time to do anything properly! We will start with how to put your children in suspended animation through yoga and simple relaxation techniques while you just finish that chapter (and maybe another one). Then we will take you through a step by step explanation of how to get the elves to do your work for you without having to pay them (this might also help take care of the children so you can read more than one chapter at a time). Last but not least, Mary Poppin's method for housework (finger clicking, spoonful of sugar song singing) will be described (but if you actually want to learn it, you'll have to pay a monthly fee of 30 dollars to some weird internet company).

But what I am really looking forward to reading this summer , or as soon as I can get my hands on it after it's published, is Charlaine Harris's latest instalment of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series: Dead in the Family!Dante be damned!

Oops, I think The Dante Club is somewhere in that lot...


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Welcome to the Weekend Assignments Excellent post - I especially love your book introduction. For years I've been looking for a pause button for time and a recipe for instant sleep; your book is very much in that vein, but more original.

I know what you mean about books that look promising but don't work out. I read several hundred pages of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell only to leave the half-read book untouched on my bedside table for another year.

Have a great trip to Florence! I hope you get some reading in.

Carly said...

Hi Sandrine :)

Welcome to the Weekend Assignment! My name is Carly :) I enjoyed this post very much! Having some books on hand for your journey to Florence sounds like a great way to spend your time as you travel. :) It's quality time spent with a book, not how much time. I can understand about not having as much time to climb into a wonderful work of fiction as you would like to, but I find even a 5 or 10 minutes spent in a good story can be refreshing. I can definitely relate to that.

Once again, WELCOME to the Weekend Assignment!

All my best, Carly :)

Sandrine said...

Hi Karen and Carly! Thanks for your comments!
Karen: I read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and quite liked it at the time, but forgot all about it until just now, so can't have been that good!
Carly: I think I was exaggerating a bit. In six months'time my teaching will be over for the summer and the kids still at school... My guess is I'll be stealing a few hours off my research to read novels by the pool. Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandrine, I enjoyed your post! I am a voracious reader but I am definitely in favor of giving away books you don't like, even if you haven't finished them. Life is too short to keep reading books you don't enjoy! Maybe someone else will like the book better--why keep it away from them?

Sandrine said...

Thanks Kaitlyn. You're absolutely right. I'll give it another try this summer and if it won't go down, I'll donate it to our university library. (I know it sounds like a weird choice but because we're in Turkey, we don't have terribly easy access to English language literature...)

Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

I read 'Room with a View' before my husband and I visited Florence in 1995. The kiss scene in the field took my breath away, I came home pregnant (after four years of trying). The book, and Florence are, not surprisingly, very special to me.

Sandrine said...

Trish - I'll try not to come home pregnant. Seeing as I've already got two and I'm going without my husband! I know what you mean about that scene, though.

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