Expressions of madness

Kronos devouring one of his children
Francisco Goya
Painted on a wall of his house between 1819 and 1823.

Not exactly one of mine... I know. 
But the expression of murderous madness and fear that leads an old tyrant to tear his own children to pieces is so evocative of what's going on in Libya, that I could not resist.


GEZİ/YORUM... said...

Resim dehşet verici!!

March 17th said...

I remember the very first time I saw this image, in a copy of a newspaper supplement when I was younger. Thank you in an odd way for posting it and yes you are so right xx

Sandrine said...

@Geziyorum: Gercegi kadar korkutmiyor!
@March 17th: You're welcome! I came across it again while browsing pictures for a class.

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