A Valentine's day *special*

I was sort of planning to ignore Valentine's day this year. It seems a lot of hype for not very much - it's just a meal, ain't it? And pressure.
But then my lovely husband brought flowers AND gave me a present. A heart-shaped box with heart-shaped chocolate inside!

So I did start to think more kindly on the holiday (as it's called in America - until recently, I thought a holiday was when you didn't have to go to work).
So I read people's valentine's posts, articles in glossy magazines, to find something we could do (apart from the obvious). And I found that nowadays, people watch films together on Valentine's day. Not just any film, mind you, but Valentine's day films.


I went to a couple of shops which seemed to confirm this. Bookshop and supermarket alike had binfulls of 'romantic comedies' on special sale for Valentine's day. Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts galore.
I nearly went back to my previous negative attitude to the whole thing. Why pick a day which is supposed to be about the love you and your partner share and then irritate the hell out of it by watching bad movies?

But we do like to watch films together, and we don't get to do it often (you know, one of us is always too tired, usual drill).

So we did watch a film this week. But it wasn't from the Valentine's day special bin. We watched Night of the Living Dead.

So, happy, belated Valentines' day!

Ooh, and I bought a red heart-shaped cake.

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