I'm not moving to a place that's named after a nursery rhyme character.

On Wednesday, someone shared a link of Facebook about the discovery of a "Goldilocks planet." That's a planet whose orbit around its sun makes it not too hot, not too cold, but potentially "just right" for life to develop. Within an hour the link attracted a large number of comments, some humorous, some political, about who should pack their bags and move to this other planet, twenty light years away. That's the inspiration for this week's Weekend Assignment

I'm just not. It's silly.

Plus they almost certainly won't have WiFi. And I bet getting pork products and the teas I like will be even harder there than it is in Turkey. So no. I'm staying put.

Now if someone actually handed me a free ticket, promised exciting alien historical artifacts,decent housing, welcoming extra-terrestrials, cheap booze, and good schools for the kids, I might just reconsider.

In which case I would probably have to pack a case containing all my family's belongings - mostly books carpets and computers, ten years' supply of bacon and saucisson (do you reckon that will be enough? I'm just not sure when we'll be able to come back) enough smuggled antiques to fill a small museum. I'm assuming that whatever else is true they'll have stationary shops, book shops and computer shops. Otherwise we're not going. So you see, I'm reasonable.

As to visiting? What's the point of that? I'm going to Capadoccia at the end of the month, and they filmed part of Star Wars there. I doubt Goldilocks is any stranger than that.

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

I can see the Goldilocks Tourism Board is going to have to work hard to entice you. Would it help if I said that pig farmers were among the first settlers there?

Sandrine said...

Let's see, if I also buy one of those little MiFi thingies, and the range is long enough, then I can have my own wireless set up as well. Ok, I'm going.

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