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This is Sister 3's entry for week 31 of Tara's Gallery at Sticky Fingers. The theme this week was:
My favourite picture

It's not that I always want to do more than the others
It's just that Tara asked for a story with the picture, and I like the 3 of them...

I took this picture in summer 2009
see, this is my MUM
We were at " l'ile de Ré" wich is kind of a little paradise in France, a little island where everyone cycles a lot
It was a difficult time
She was waiting for results
Cancer, or not
She was told she had nothing, then a cancer, then maybe nothing, then that she had to have her breast taken off, then not...
She came with us one week
It had been years since she hadn't cycled; she was afraid...
She fell twice !
Each time she'd across someone, she would throw her bike against this person, and fall
The 1st time, she hurted herself, but climbed again, and tried again
Ok the 2nd time, we stopped cycling...dind't want to kill anyone...
She didn't have cancer
She's quite convinced that she killed it
Well maybe, seeing what a "warrior" she was on the bicycle

This is Nina
You know how Hubby forbides me to post a picture of our daughter
But this time, I convinced him, because how could I speak of favourite picture without my beautiful girl ?
On this picture, Nina was born 20 hours earlier
And this is so her !
Quiet, you can seat her somewhere, and forget she's here
Watching, observing,
Shy, sometimes you'd think she's sad, no she's just her, taking pictures of the world aroud her, analysing everything
For christmas, she wants a camera
She is 6 now
I am so proud of my baby

I took this picture for sticky fingers, for the theme on the 7 sins
It was my "pride"
So it seems natural to post it here
I love this picture because I find it lovely, and I was proud of myself !
And I love it most of all because we spent a real good time this time with my family, trying to find the best ideas to represent the 7 sins !

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Jean said...

I'd say your mum scared the daylights out of cancer!
I'm really glad you got to publish a photo of your little girl. She is seriously beautiful!

sister3 said...

thank you so much Jean ! You 're my only comment this week (snif) but you made my day beautifuk with it !

Anonymous said...

Oh your little one is absolutely gorgeous! So glad you could share that picture!

Lovely post!

Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

Three very original photos - brilliant. Can't stop smiling at the baby, with arms folded like an adult yet so tiny!

spudballoo said...

Oh I enjoyed this post so much, and I didn't know your blog at all until tonight!

I love all the photos, but Mum on the bike really touched me.

Judge Spud xx

sister3 said...

Dear 3 of you, ...but remenber, I live in France...
Thank you for your comments, I'm proud too of my daughter ! IIt's probanly a good thing hubby forbids me to show her, cause I would post 10 pictures a day !!!!
Dear judge, thank you so much twice
First for your comment, hope you'll find time to come back and visit us, there's three of us you know !
And second for your role as a jusge, it must have take you a lot of your time

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