Happy Halloween

This is my entry for Mama Kat's Writers'Workshop

We'll be away in Cappadocia this Halloween so no trick or treating for us.
As a family we're not particularly attached to Halloween - neither my husband nor I grew up with it, as it just wasn't a big thing in France or the UK in the seventies and eighties. But where we live now, there is a sizeable American community, so there are parties and events every year and we usually take part and enjoy it.

So here's some crafty Halloween stuff in honour of the celebration we'll be missing.

This is a witchy pinata, recycled from a Christmas Angel. We actually made it for an Easter party but everyone commented that it would be better suited for Halloween, so...

It's not always easy to find whole pumpkins here, we usually buy them sliced, and when they're whole, they're often the pale green variety and huge. Last year we found one, so we got carving and Zombie school girl and witch boy were able to take a jack o' lantern to the party.

Finally, no Halloween is complete in our household without Doctor Who monsters. Here are some Dalek cookies Charlotte and a friend made:

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

I think Halloween has got bigger over the years but I'm not a fan of it personally. I guess I'm a bar humbug and even though I would never stop kids from having fun I always think it's a bit like glorified begging. Amy is a complete Halloween freak though so I do have to go along with it!!

Have a great time in Cappadocia.

CJ xx

Anonymous said...

How adorable... I am totally so not that creative! lol

@jencull (jen) said...

I love the witchy pinata!! Jen

Tanya said...

Awesome pinata! Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but I always put on a good show for my kids :).
Stopping by from MamaKats-

Jean said...

Great pics!!! Love the daleks! XXX

kaybee said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

I love the Dalek cookies! I love that they aren't the usual Halloween monsters, but completely appropriate. The pinata is great as well.

geekymummy said...

Loving the dalek cookies!
Halloween is big here in San francsico, and I confess I love it.

Sandrine said...

Thank you all!
For years now Charlotte has been asking that we make her a dalek costume for Halloween... I tend to respond by dressing her up as a zombie or whisking her off to Capadoccia on the day!
We had a great time, by the way - but my beloved laptop got cold and caught a virus just before we left - hence the delay in replying to comments! I'm currently reinstalling everything...

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