Anticipating the apple

Scroll back to last autumn. Max and I taking our weekly walk around campus, picking crab apples on our way.

Then forward to December. The apples are scarce, but if I shake the trees, there's still a few that will drop to the floor.

January. The trees are dotted with small black things. The ones we didn't get. Max eventually understands that he has to wait before he can pick apples again.

March. I point out that the little green buds will make flowers that will eventually produce apples. Max tries to eat one.

June. He finds it next to impossible to resist eating the tiny green apples he sees everywhere. But one is enough. They're not ready, he says.

Today I agreed that the apples would probably be red. So his sister made him a basket, and off we went to gather them.

This is a post for the Weekend Assignment #334. The question was: 'What are you looking forward to?'


@jencull (jen) said...

Those apples look good:) I grew up beside an orchard, hours and days of fun and adventure:) Jen

morning and torey said...

Max looks so sweet, and the basket is lovely!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

How cool! I love your little history of this fulfilled anticipation, the the fact that Max's sister made the basket for this. We had a crabapple tree in Manlius NY when I was a kid, but we never did figure out anything to do with them. I'm glad the ones on your campus don't all go to waste!

Sandrine said...

Max never tires of picking apples. When we go to Capadocia in the autumn, he always insists we go to this restaurant in the middle of an apple orchard. He also insists we bring a huge bag. The owners are used to us and encourage the children to pick as much as they like. We often bring back kilos of gorgeous apples that last throughout the season. But the crab apples? I'm afraid Max is the only one who eats them...

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