Me and my childless friends

A list!! There IS a God!! I am actually asked to make a list, one of my favorite things in the world! For Mama Kat's  Writers' Workshop, I am to draw a list of the things that I no longer have in common with my childless friends and tell you why I love them anyway.

So, here it comes (I'm so excited, isn't it sad to be that excited about a list? Anyway.)

1- I do not choose restaurants because they are trendy/good/cheap but because they have children's seats and menus with French fries in them.
2- I do not get up after 8 a.m. (if one of you has children who get up after that hour, please do not tell me, I do not want to know. Not even slightly interested. Get lost.)
3- I do not plan a three-weeks trip to the States. I do not go to Hawaï, either. I rent a house and pray that there will be a kids club at the beach.
4- I do not go to the movies. Or I'll go see the new Karate Kid and will probably not mention it in front of other grown-ups.
5- I do not spend 30 minutes getting ready in the morning. If I get 3, I'm lucky. (And yet, I still manage to look good, but you should see me, I'm fast).
6- I do not go out spontaneously. I forgot what spontaneous means. It may happen that I loose it completely and offer "Hey, we should go see a movie" but the mere thought of booking a baby-sitter, calling her, finding out that she has plans, trying to find another one, gets too tiring and I end up staying home with a DVD.
7- I do not buy expensive furniture. Someone will eventually break it, draw on it or puke on it.
8- I do not hang out with colleagues after work. No time for drinks. Ever.
9- I do not spend an entire week-end on my couch. God, I miss that.
10- I do not remember what it feels like to sleep for an entire night without having to get up once. If it's not the kids, it's my stupid post-birth bladder.

But of course I still love my childless friends (although there aren't many of them left). Because they remind me that I should try and do all those things. And I do manage to do some. I may have exaggerated a little. Although I swear, my kids never get up after 8 a.m.


Holly said...

Nice list!! ;D

Dominique @Dominique's Desk said...

Great list..can relate to your list as my kids are the same.. they are up by 7am in the morning irregardless of what time they sleep.

M.Jay. said...

Oh gosh, this is the story of my life... man do i long for spontenaety (sp) and sleeping in till at least 10am *sigh*

Tanya said...

I love list posts too! You did a nice job with this one. Since I had my first child at 19, (22 years ago!) I could never relate to my single childless friends! My one friend would ask me, so what do you do all day? I'm like, what the hell do you think I do?

Visiting from Mama Kat's. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Can you e-mail this to all my childless friends? And add... "PLEASE DO NOT DRUNK TEXT ME... and ask me why I'm not at the bars with you."

JulieB said...

Both of my children slept in until 8.15 last Sunday. BOTH OF THEM. AT THE SAME TIME! AT THE WEEKEND! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!
You guessed it - husband and I were wide awake and downstairs at 7.30. I'm sure we have now missed that opportunity for another 10 years (until they are teenagers and you can't kick them out of bed!)

Mariposa said...

I love lists too! You have a great one, btw. :)

Marianne said...

@Holly: Thanks ;)
@Dominique: Oh, so you tried putting them to bed at 10pm too, then? Good, I'm not such a bad mother, after all ;)
@M.Jay: I think what we need are clones who can take care of the little devils in the mornings. In my case, it's just the Universe talking. I used to wake up at 7 am sharp EVERY day until I turned 13, became a teenager and slept til noon. My parents thought I'd died ;)
@Tanya: I had my first child at age 26, and trust me, I was the first amongst my friends. But I can't imagine what it ust have been like at 19!!
@ournextchapters: Sure. Would you like me to explain to them why you'd rather go to bed at 10pm rather than go out? ;)
@Julie: Been there, done that. Alexandre once woke up at 9am. His dad and I had to check on him several times (of course, we were up at 7am...)
@Mariposa: thanks! I love lists!! I really do!!! Gee, I'm such a nerd... ;)
Thank you for your comments, ladies!

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