The way we smiled.

Having made promises and promises after last week, Sister 3 went and lost her internet connection and again cannot post. Very inconsiderate of her. So I decided to wade through old family photos to come up with a goodish fit for this week's Gallery theme: Smiles.

Here's my first:

My mother gave me a copy of this photo two years ago. This a picture of my grandmother, myself and tiny Sister3, smiling at each other across something that looks like a big square cake.

You'll have seen this one before if you looked at the About us page. There is a story behind those three very different smiles. Marianne wrote it down in a comment which I'll just copy and paste here.

OK, let the truth be told by, well, me, the "cool sister". The day that picture was taken, Sandrine wouldn't smile, so the photographer was trying to make her smile, he told jokes, made funny faces but nothing would work. Céline, who still hates being shot (with a camera, I mean, not that she would enjoy being shot at, OK, never mind) smiled the same smile, patiently waiting. I, on the other hand, couldn't stop laughing at the photographer's jokes and faces. So that he was simultaneously trying to cheer Sandrine up, making Céline's face move so that she wouldn't get cramps and get me to stop laughing, or at least, shaking. All this with our mother watching and probably secretly wishing to be somewhere else. Every picture has a story behind it, dudes.
 This is how Marianne smiles when not restrained by a mean photographer.

I still don't like it much, but I eventually had to learn how to smile for a photographer. I think I may have used up all my photo smiles on that day...

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Marylin said...

Oh I love love LOVE the photo of Marianne jumping... absolutely gorgeous! :)

LinzW1976 said...

That big square cake looks really special :)

These are great photos, thanks! x

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