back to school

This is sister 3's entry for Tara's Gallery week 26. The theme is "back to school"

In France, you go to school from the age of 3.
It's "the maternelle"
You stay there 3 years
It is Roxanne's (Marianne's daughter) 1st year
You can read the adventure in Marianne's week end charter, a pair of shoes

Then, you go to "primaire" when you are 6 (or almost), for 5 years
It was Nina's (mine) 1st year.
It was horrible !
Tears, headache, stomach ache, tears again, running in the arms...
Oh did I mention that was me ?
Because Nina was maybe a little anxious, but so happy !!!!

Alexandre (Marianne's son), is in CE1, which is the 2nd year. He learns to count : one fiancée, 2 fiancées, 3...

Max (Sandrine's son) is in CP too, for the 2nd time, because he needs more time. You can read all about his rentrée here, or about what makes him special, over there

Charlotte is the eldest (Sandrine's daughter) and we have to say, very very clever (of course, she's also funny, and beautiful) She is in 6ème, which is the 1st year in collège  (which is not yours, your college being faculté for us). She will be there for 4 years, before the lycée, 3 years and have her diploma, le Bac. Did I tell you she 's fluent in Turkish, English, and French ? Oh and she started Ancient Greek this sulmmer...Yeah I know...

Anyway, as we're here to show you some pictures, here's one

Sandrine, and me !

I couldn't find one picture of Marianne at school...
I won't say anything about it...
No, not even something like "well, she never went, I understand now..."
No, it  wouldn't be nice...
And it's been a long time since she said I was ugly, or naughty, or whatever...

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Sandrine said...

To be perfectly fair, I'm not entirely sure Marianne was born when this picture was taken!

Imcombobulated said...

Umm, wow. I imagine that's what a photo would look like if Max had been born first and Charlotte second. Pretty strong genes in your family, hey Sandrine?

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