FOOD ! this is my week

This is Sister 3's entry for week29 of Tara's Gallery at Sticky Fingers. The theme this week was: FOOD

THIS IS SO my week !
I mean, WE ARE FRENCH !!!!!!
And a quite obsessed with food...
Any kind...
Anyway, this is what you can find in the french streets, on sunday mornings, MARKET TIME

of course there is some ice all around it ! I know we are French, but not that much !!!

I'm sure you'd rather buy these

purple garlic...
just perfect with the fishes...

Well as I said, we're French, food is nothing without wine !!!!

And because we like to share, here are a few recipes !

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Looking for Blue Sky said...

I'm starving just looking at these photos: not just for food, but also the chance to get back again to France...one day!

Him Up North said...

Great photos. Not sure about those fishies though. I like my sea creatures in the sea. Gimme wine and strawberries any day. In fact you can keep the strawberries. LOL

kateab said...

Oh my mouth is watering just looking at those pics... love French food. (Scrap that, love ALL food!!)

Nota Bene said...

Mouthwateringly delicious pics

sister3 said...

Dear candi, yes I can understand that you like france, it's a nice country for a lot of things !
Of course as we french are never happy, no one would say it, except me !
Dear kateab and nota bene, ok, I am now going to insist a lot that we post our recipes, with pictures !
About you r mouth watering, be careful, PC don't like water !
Dear Him up north, in fact I'm not found of fishes
They scare me to death, in the sea, in my plate, on a picture...
but I try to eat some, and sometimes appreciate because it's good for my heath they say
About wine, it is also well know that a glass of red wine per day is good for your heart !
BUT even if I quite understand your priorities (give up food, hae wine) wine, red, is much better if you eat something with it...even if it's a piece of cheese for 1 bottle !!!
thank you all

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