La rentree

Back for another year, full of hopes and frustrations.

Hopefully the school bus will take them.
Hopefully Charlotte won't be late every morning.
Hopefully the time table will work out.
Hopefully we'll have proper help for Max.
Hopefully he won't refuse to go whenever he doesn't feel like it.
Hopefully I bought all the supplies they needed.
Hopefully the covers I made for their books won't fall off tomorrow.
Hopefully they'll have enough decent clothes to wear to school every day.

 It's never straightforward is it?

And yet I remember how I never had to worry about getting to school on time, how my books were well covered, all my supplies bought on time, how I was always got up in clean clothes.

Then I look at Max's smile on his first day. There's no picture of Charlotte. She saw her friends, bounced up and down, laughed, then ran off. They're oblivious. And, for whatever reason, they seem to trust us.

Wishing every one a great new school year!

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'Im Indoors said...

I think that 'Link Within' is taking the Michael. It's telling me that if I like this, I might also like 'Around the World'; 'Paper and iny Computers', and 'Back to London Leaving the Zombies Behind'

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