New shoes

Oh dear. Both my children are at school. It's official, I have no more babies.

I wish I were a little mouse, to see what they're up to. I know Alex has a few fiancées, not that he told me, but he did receive a postcard with so many hearts on it that he found it difficult to read. "Ah, girls.." he said. He's not even 7, yet.

As for Roxane, she kindly but firmly told her father: "You can go, now, I'm OK". She's just 3.

They're more grown-ups than I am. I was terrified for Roxane, her first day at school ever, you see. It was a big deal. To me. To her, it's just a new adventure.

I wish I were a child again, I wish I wouldn't worry so much. I wish I could go back to school, have a new backpack, pens, pencils, paint, brushes and a new outfit, and only care about what we'll have for lunch.

Given that I really can't do this, I'll treat myself with a new pair of shoes. I know, it has nothing to do with it, but I needed a reason ;)

Bonne rentrée, everyone!
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Looking for Blue Sky said...

I never felt sad about the kids starting school, but I am getting the jitters about no 1 daughter turning 18 in a couple of weeks...

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